What Is a Tagline in WordPress and How to Optimize It?

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According to research, visitors spend less than a minute on a website. In those few seconds, the title and tagline of your WordPress site are of great importance to your visitor.

A website is the basic representation of any business. And within WordPress, two major parts make that website stand out: the website title and the tagline.

The title is pretty obvious, your business name, but what is a tagline and how can you optimize it?

What Is a Tagline in WordPress?

The tagline represents the motto of your company in only a few words.

It is a catchphrase or slogan used to describe what your business does and sell your products. Fortunately, WordPress has a built-in way to showcase your company tagline for you.

To set up a tagline in WordPress, navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > General. Here, you can set up your site’s title and tagline.

How to set up tagline in WordPress

There are so many examples of taglines being more famous than a brand name itself because it’s catchy. However, it’s usually best to opt for clarity over cleverness.

For example, Earn quality links with every content marketing campaign is the tagline for the Neomam website; it summarizes what the company does and shows a benefit just viewing the website.

How to Optimize Your Title and Tagline in WordPress

Niche and Style

The first step to optimize your WordPress website tagline is to decide on your niche.

This will be obvious if your company is already fully developed, but it really boils down to who you serve. You want visitors to know exactly what you do and who you do it for as soon as they see your website.

The style also plays toward the type of audience you are trying to attract, the type of products, and what is trending. Considering style can help you come up with the best tone for your tagline.


After deciding on your niche, the next step is to choose the right keywords. Search engines will show results based on your tagline, so choose strong and frequently used keywords.

You can try researching search engine results to see what type of keywords match your website’s title and add them to the tagline.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is based on the most searched keywords, so to create a popping tagline, SEO helps a lot.

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Final Thoughts

Optimizing your tagline is as important as conveying the perfect message to your customers. We hope you liked our explanation of what is a tagline in WordPress and how to optimize it.

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