What Is a WordPress Post Slug and How to Create One

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In this article, we will share what is a WordPress post slug. Stick around…

If you’ve used WordPress for any amount of time, you’ve likely seen references to post slugs.

Slugs in WordPress are small texts attached at the end of each URL of posts or pages which can usually be seen by site visitors. To be precise, a WordPress post slug is a type of slug that is written at the end of a post’s URL and a page slug is written at the end of the page’s URL.

In WordPress, slugs are made automatically once you post something; these slugs are written based on the title of the post or page.

So if a post on your website is titled “Tips for Business Management,” then the slug will automatically be added at the end of the website URL as “…/tips-for-business-management/”.

What Makes a Good WordPress Post Slug

Many websites use easy slugs so that visitors can search for the post or page easily. A well-maintained website has good WordPress slugs.

In fact, slugs can be helpful when promoting your website. Therefore, you should consider optimizing your WordPress slugs.

You can edit your WordPress post slug when editing a post.

To do so, click the edit button and paste the phrase you want as a post slug.

WordPress post slug

Here are some ways to make a good WordPress slug:

Short and Precise

Always make sure your WordPress slug is precise and short. Short slugs increase the probability of appearing in search engine results.

This is especially important for visitors when they search for keywords.

Keywords and Descriptive

The key to a good WordPress slug is to choose the right keywords that describe the post well.

Keywords should be strong and precise, but also descriptive with just one read. Focus on strong keywords that are commonly used so that your post appears on top.


Tempted to go back and change all your old slugs? We’d recommend you don’t.

If you’ve linked to that slug anywhere, the old slug will not update and you may end up sending your visitors to an error page.

Edit your slugs post-publishing only when absolutely necessary, otherwise, always decide on the best slug before hitting publish.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website

Optimizing a website includes services like updates, security checks, plugin updates, data backups, and much more. You can always find a good WordPress plugin for backups.

However, if you are unable to set it correctly, you will require a professional service provider.

Website optimizing is one of the most important parts of any brand. Your WordPress website needs to be optimized regularly so that you can attract more and more clients.

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How AccessWP Can Help You

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AccessWP provides the following optimization services:


The key to getting an optimized website is to ensure that it is regularly updated with core WordPress updates.

Plugin Updates

Plugins help in the smooth running of your website, so plugin updates are an important part of the optimization process.

Security Monitoring

To ensure your website is safe for visitors, AccessWP monitors the security of your site 24/7. An optimized website calls for safe surfing.

Malware Removal

There is always a threat of malware on websites as hackers find ways to take down sites. We make sure that any malware is removed completely for the smooth running of your website.

Backups and Small Jobs

Optimization of WordPress websites always requires small jobs that in return improve user experience. Furthermore, backups are important in case of data loss.

There are dozens of other steps required to perfectly optimize your WordPress website, so it is best to hire professionals who know what needs to be done and can handle all the complexities of your website.

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