How to Make Phone Numbers Clickable in WordPress (With or Without a Plugin)

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In this article, we will share how to make phone numbers clickable in WordPress.

According to Statista, “Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide.” This data reveals that it is extremely important to have mobile-friendly calls to action.

Therefore, the necessity to include clickable phone numbers is important to increase conversions and sales from your site.

This is especially true if you’re a small business owner who needs direct contact with your customers to take orders or answer pre-sales questions.

We are going to explain a few methods you can use to add a clickable phone number to your site.

Add a Clickable Phone Number Using a Plugin

The easiest way to add a clickable phone number to your WordPress site is by using a plugin.

Here is a great free WordPress plugin you can use to add a clickable phone number…

It’s called the Call Now Button plugin.

clickable Phone number plugin

Install the Call Now Button plugin from Plugins > Add New> type “Call Now Button” in search bar > install and activate.

Call now plugin installation

Now to configure its settings, head over to the settings area, and then click on the call button plugin tab.

configure settings

Here you will see three main headings: Basics, Presentation, and Advanced.

In the Basic Settings, you will enter your contact number details, and the button status should be enabled to start functioning.

basic settings

Enter your phone number, including your area code, and also add the text you want to appear with that button and then save changes.

The Presentation tab will let you select your call-to-action button color and icon color.

You can place it in any desired location, such as the right corner, left or center, or you can place it anywhere else using  ‘More Placement options’.

Another great feature is that you can exclude the callable icon to appear on specific pages or posts.

To do this you will have to enter the relevant page or post IDs in the Limit appearance field, or you can leave it unchecked if you want to showcase this icon on all of your pages and posts and then Save Changes.

advanced level settings

There are also some advanced level features such as click tracking using Google Analytics.

The Click tracking feature will show you how many visitors are clicking on your tab from specific pages. This will help you determine where most of your leads are coming from.

presentatin settings

Now you can visit your site from a mobile device to see the clickable phone number icon.

Remember, it will only appear in the mobile mode. Don’t try to find it on the desktop mode, it won’t be there.

clickable mobile phone added

That’s perfect! You have successfully added a clickable phone number button to your website.

Now, let’s explore what other methods you can use to add a clickable phone number in WordPress.

Add a Clickable Phone Number in WordPress Using HTML

Using this method, you can add the clickable phone number manually with HTML code. You can use HTML <a> href attribute.

Step 1: Go to the HTML editor and write the code <a href=”tel: “></a>

Now add your phone number with area code between tel: and the end quotation.

For example: <a href=”tel: 6198974501″></a>

(Be sure to add the number without any space in between, or it won’t work.)

Step 2. Add text or numbers to display your link between the ></a>

Now the code should appear something like this:

<a href=”tel:6198974501″>Call us at (619) 897-4501</a>

When completed your clickable phone number link will look like this:

Call us at (619) 897-4501

You have done it! Now, you can see how it appears on your website.

Insert a Click to Call Link in WordPress Menu

To add a click to call link to your WordPress site, navigate to your WordPress navigation menu.

  • Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus
  • Under Add Menu Items, click on the custom links tab from the left column
  • You can add the phone number in the URL tab following this format. tel:+6198974501
  • Now, add the text you want to appear along with the button. +1 (619) 897-4501
  • Click Add to Menu, Save, and exit to view your call-to-action button.



Add clickable phone number in WordPress menu

Wrapping Up

We have shared several methods you can use to add a clickable phone number to your WordPress website. This simple call to action will help you convert more visitors from your website.

We hope you have found this article useful. If you still need assistance with your WordPress website, consider our unlimited WordPress support service at AccessWP. Our U.S. based developers are here to help you 24/7.

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