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Helpful Articles About WordPress

8 Signs You Were Hacked and Need WordPress Malware Removal

"The best defense is a good offense.” No truer, more accurate words have been spoken when it comes to protecting your WordPress website from hackers. It’s far better to secure your site to avoid a compromise. However, life happens, and you could find yourself dealing with a hacker and in...

The 16 Best WordPress Plugins That Every Small Business Must Have

If you’re anything like me, choosing WordPress plugins can be a little like picking out dessert at the end of a meal…so many options but you can’t have them all (although you’ve thought about it…lol)! There are a ton of WordPress plugins to choose from—over 51,000 in fact. While it's...

How to Fix the 26 Most Irritating Things About WordPress

Does WordPress get on your nerves sometimes? As a website development platform, WordPress is an awesome solution for businesses. After all, sites are scalable, robust, attractive, and fairly easy to use. Even so, WordPress can make even the calmest business owners shout “WHY?!” [clickToTweet tweet="Do you know the feeling? > WordPress...

Imagine No More WordPress Headaches