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Helpful Articles About WordPress

Displaying Posts to a Specific Page in WordPress

There was a time when displaying posts to a specific page in WordPress was a huge problem. Bloggers usually used the categories in their menus to display the posts with a specific menu item. With recent developments in WordPress, and with the help of third-party plugins, it has become a...

How to Remove index.php From WordPress URL

WordPress is, by far, the best blogging platform out there. However, most users have asked how to remove index.php from the WordPress URL. If every post is displaying this phrase in the URL, you should know that it is coming from your permalinks settings. However, not all WordPress users know...

How to Resize Your Logo in WordPress – A Handy Guide

Do you need help resizing your logo in WordPress? Stick around as we share some ways you can resize it in this article... A professionally designed logo is important for gaining customers' trust. The logo symbolizes your branding, and it is the first thing that customers notice when they land...

How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress Post

Want to learn how to hide the featured image in your WordPress page or post easily? Stick around as we share some tips in this article. With WordPress, you have tons of great options to improve the content of your website. If there is something you need to add or...

6 Top WordPress Designers Share Their Keys to Success

Running a successful WordPress agency is no easy task. The landscape changes quickly and what worked yesterday may not be the best practice today. As you will see, some things change, but many things will always stay the same. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing six of the most...

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